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Gardenia Love Bath: For Those Who are Desirous of Love
This ritual bath comes from a beautiful book, The Legend of the Villa della Luna, by Jana Kolpen and Mary Tiegreen. I suggest that you keep a pad and pen close to the tub, to write down any mental images, or psychic messages you receive as you relax. This is a powerful tool for divination, or for seeking your inner soul mate, who can lead you to your perfect life mate. It all depends on what you wish to focus on while submerged.

Gardenias are known to attract high spirits, induce peaceful vibrations and strengthen love potions.
Choose a Gardenia-scented bath oil in a beautiful bottle, Put nine drops of the Gardenia oil into a steamy bath. Fill the room with aromatic candles and place dried Gardenia petals in three small bowls around the room. Turn down the light and play a romantic nocturne. Remove your clothes and the worries of the day, and step into the sensual, warm water. Let your spirit float, and as you close your eyes, allow the vision of love to come to you.

Tear BottleCeremony: For those who wish to keep alive the spirit of a lost loved one.

Releasing emotions can be difficult....Loneliness or longing are parts of our lives that seem to get worse before they get better, This ritual comes fromThe Legend of the Villa della Luna, by Jana Kolpen and Mary Tiegreen. It is profoundly simple in it's power. This can be used in many situations when you need a little comfort from a major turn in your life. Whether it be mourning a loved one, moving into a new life and leaving friends behind, even to commemorate a moment of healing by releasing physical pain to the Earth.

When grieving over lost love, (or any emotional change), collect the sacred tears of sorrow in a beautiful vessel. Lace the vessel with a satin ribbon, and wear it around your neck until the grief eases. Then take the vessel of shed tears and bury it in a place of great importance.

Focused Meditation for "Manifested Visualization"
"The energy you put out, is the energy you'll recieve"

I want to continue the work on positive focus of mental energy to enhance and alter your desired outcomes in life.

We do have the ability to take charge of our destiny. We are always offered choices of which path to take. By opening your mind and following your inner wisdom, you can guide the future of your life. Many call it "Manifestation through visualization." By concentrating on the desired outcome, you put the right focus in the right energy force that you need to align with to achieve that outcome.

This practice is widely embraced in sports, business and psychological therapy. I'm not handing you untried clap-trap. Consider it as a form of, "What you see is what you get." In this case, I am speaking literally.

We all have certain things we want to happen to us, and many times we feel that what we want isn't what we get. Close you eyes and create a detailed picture in your mind of exactly who, how, what and where you would like to be in a year's time. Now in two years. Now in three. Include what people you choose to share that life. Do not include people you don't wish to share it with. Add every detail of what your home and workplace looks and feels like. If money is needed, then add a full bank account book and piles of fully paid bills in the outbox. Don't forget to manifest perfect health and sexual pleasure. Take this vision of perfect happiness and condense it into one amalgamated "Perfect Happiness." Do not focus on how long it is supposed to take. Infact, focus on it as if it has already happened. If you have problems with visualization, simply write it all out in excruciatingly Hemmingway fashion. By focusing on every detail, you increase the chances of creating your desired outcome without error. This will be your script for your movie to review as often as possible until you create that outcome.

Set aside a time of day that feels empowering to you. Some may like night, some afternoon and some morning. (I like shower time.)That doesn't matter. If life interupts - then change the time that day, but do it daily! The Magick won't begin to take effect until it is permanently planted into your subconscious. If you get lax in this exercise, you will certainly postpone your dreams from becoming your reality.

Here's a start at what you're looking for: "I see a house. It is covered in Wisteria and fashioned of light grey, slate colored wooden shingles. The front door is black with leaded glass of a spiderweb motif that I created in a stained glass class. It contains a spider of blue and purple cabachons. My mate is barely visible through the glass as he opens the daily mail. I can see his black ponytail brush his shoulder as he bends to toss the ads in the circular file, and I smile. The stairs are of natural grey marble of an irregular cut. They look like hand hewn paving stones. My home has a double casement roof, a smaller V pitch that houses my front porch and entry way, inside a larger V pitch outer roof, both of slate shingles. The South walls are straight, creating an L shaped wing. There is a bay window in the last room of the front of the house, that has Pink Star Jasmine climbing to the turret of the master bedroom....."

Of course, your visual will be different.... Create your dream in words and then pictures. The intent is to taste, feel, smell and see everything you desire in as full a virtual reality as you can achieve. This is beyond simple daydreaming. This is about creating an alternate reality, and bringing it to life.
The difference lies in how you release it when you are at the end of the scene. In a daydream, you shake it off and move on. With visualization, you put it into your head and slowly release that scene into the "Greater Conciousness", and know it will return to you as reality. Take your time. Don't rush the release. Concentrate on the feeling of happiness as it flows out of your mind and into the energy stream. The more times you do this, the more you will appreciate the feeling of that release as it happens. You will know when it has joined with the outer spirit. You will also know that you have started the wheels turning to make it a reality. You get what you expect. (Thank you, Oddo-san, for teaching me the truth of this.)

A spell for attracting money

You need a clean piece of white paper, a clean silver coin and a pen or pencil.

Find a quiet place,write on the paper your name and how much money you'd like to increase your worldly wealth by.If you have a specific goal,such as a new car,house, clothes,write this down too (eg: I, Jane Doe,$100 for a new pair of black leather sandals with a high heel and open toes.)

After you have written out the spell, sign it at the bottom of the paper to make it official. Wrap the paper around the silver coin.then, anytime on a Saturday eve,go outside and bury the paper and coin. You are planting the seeds to cultivate your own form of magical money tree.

Leave the piece of paper and coin in the ground and soon something magical will happen that makes your wish come true financially. Don't be too greedy !!

It is really important to believe that the spell will work for you.When you believe you receive !

A spell for reclaiming a lover ( for another).

You will need:
1 clean piece of white paper/parchment
A pen with black ink
1 white taper candle, and it's holder, it's good to have one with a wide bottom
Love potion, for dressing the candle
A few branches of evergreen and 4 pinecones
A small vase with pink roses and ivy arranged in it, make sure they are in water.
A chalice of wine and an offering of bread or a cookie on a pretty plate.

Create and clean your alter: Arrange the alter with the vase of flowers on your left., to the center of the plate that will hold the offering. Place the Chalice above the platen and in front of the candle holder.
Arrange the branches in a circle at the base of the candle holder, and place the pine cones pleasingly in the greens.
Follow your favorite form of creating a sacred circle.

Pour the wine and place the offering on the platen.
Dress the candle, center to top with the love potion, calling on the Goddess of all to grant your need.
Visualize the couple you wish to get back together in a romantic setting, any setting will do. Try a handfasting or wedding, or family gathering..
Write out the petition and place it into the candle holder. Proceed with the normal candle magick steps. Open the circle, unbroken, when you leave the alter.
When the candle has burned all the way down. Take the Chalice and the platen, (without drinking any of it, or tasting any of the offering!),and the paper from the candle holder out into your yard or wherever you have a tree.
Bury the paper. Hold out the Chalice in offering to the Goddess, and then the plate. Thank her for answering your need, stating the intent of the spell and the people involved. Break off a small piece of the offering, (feed the rest to an animal.) Place the offering on the ground, without the plate. Pour the wine out solemnly onto the offering. "If this is for the good of all - So mote it be."

Love me! Charm

You will need:
1 part Lemon Oil
1 part Patcholi Oil
6 parts of Cetyl Alcohol,Vodka or Everclear for base
A sprig of dried Rue
A small clear or rose Quartz Crystal
A suitable small bottle - I prefer an "airline" booze bottle
While you measure out the oils, and transfer them to their container, concentrate your energy on seeing yourself loved and admired by all men/women.
Once the mixture is measured into the container, hold the bottle in your right hand, and add the quartz and rue. Charge the bottle with the same concentrated image of being respected, admired and loved by all who encounter it's scent.
To use this charm - bathe in very warm water and stroke the perfume into your skin before going out.