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Entice, excite, explore your senses.

Awaken the Senses

One of the pleasures of love and romance is surprising your partner.... It can be as simple as a "No Panties Night Out", or as elaborate as a whole evening dedicated to seducing and sensualizing your mate with all the bounty of the wonderful world of sensation.

The following is work! I won't deny it... But let's face it - love is worth a little work, and if more people would do it, less unions would fall apart from boredom and repetition...

First - you will want to clear your schedules and plan to turn off the phone for the evening chosen. This is an investment in the emotional and spiritual well being of you and your lover - and it's more important than a sales call.

Next you will want to plan how to create a magickal space in your home or a hotel room... This is a great time to pull out all your secret desires and sensual quirks. Fresh flowers, music enticing to you and your mate and candles, incense and foods that make your mate shiver with ecstasy. The best satin/percale sheets and big, fluffy, huggable pillows are demanded on this night! Prepare the room as your fantasy dictates - you could do an Arabian Nights theme or a Japanese Bathhouse... You could also recreate "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" if you are so inclined. Shop for your flowers and candles, incense and food a day before, it can even be picked from your or a neighbor's garden if you are low on cash - or if you can afford to have the flowers delivered that afternoon, so much the better. As I've stated in other topics, candles from budget stores or a $1.99 bag of 30 tea lights will work. (Float tealights, removed from their cups, in glass bowls filled with water to maximize their glow.) Try to keep the flowers and candles, incense and your perfume softly scented, to avoid conflict with the later scents. Keep the music low to avoid sensory overload later in the game. For an added level of surprise after the game, wear a different outfit under your outer clohing, or appear nude before your lover at the end of the session. This is simple to pull off while you take the little breaks in the sequence of events. Remove your clothing as a stripper would, one item per break.

The room should be designed to give an aura of elaborate romance and escape. Search your memories for a romantic scene in a movie or a book, and follow the muse. But concentrate your energy on the area immediately surrounding a couch, or settee, (or the bed), that the real games will commence upon....

You could chose to do all the five senses this evening, or only a few... It depends on your mood and your lover's. Some people have many allergies and the sense of smell is not open to your access if they have a clod or sinus problems - so just skip that part and spend longer on another. Or maybe your partner is so into feeling the textures, that you skip the food until later. That's fine too!

The element of surprise is the most important ingredient in this game of sensory perception - so keep the objects you will use in the game out of your lover's sight until you are ready to use them to elate your partner's senses.

Please allow about 30 seconds of silence between each scent, taste, or feeling, so your partner can adjust slowly and is not overwhelmed by sensation. And leave a full minute of silence and inaction between each sense phase of the game.

Sight - Either ask your partner to close their eyes, or gently blindfold them with a soft scarf or cloth strip before you enter the room. Lead them gently toward the seat you have chosen for them. There should be some type of back support for them to lean against, as the game could stretch more than a few minutes, depending on your partner's level of enjoyment during the game. After you have heightened his or her other 4 senses, the removal of the blindfold or opening their eyes, might produce a thorough enchantment with the visual surroundings, and definitely with you! You will be seen with enchanted eyes, since you took the time and effort to seduce their senses and inflame their passions.

Smell - Have on hand a couple of your lover's favorite scents. Possibilities are endless; A vanilla bean, a small tin of fresh ground coffee or Earl Gray tea, possibly a fresh freesia flower or gardenia, a few drops of essential oils on swabs, or a fresh orange you peel just beside their cheek to release the fragrance into the air. Any scent that your partner likes is fine - do not touch the scent to their nose or introduce more than 3 scents, and always with a space of time between..

Hearing - Softly blow a few notes on a bamboo or wooden flute, or across a bottle to produce the deeply haunting sounds of the ships at sea. Read a few lines of erotic poetry or whisper sweet nothings from different spots around your lover's ear. Shake a small bell, or wear a wristlet of tiny Hindu bells while lightly caressing your partner's hair and neck.

Touch - Brush soft textures over your lover's face and shoulder's and down onto the upper chest and arms: A peacock feather, your hair, a swatch of velvet fabric or fur. You might also place an object in their hands, so they can feel the texture, such as a pinecone, a smooth stone(s), a natural quartz crystal cluster or parchment or sand paper. You might want to end the touch session with a finely adjusted spray of water from an atomizer or plant mister, scented with an essential oil, you have not used in another part of the game.- to refresh their skin and reintroduce the scent into the game.

Taste - Have ready a few choice fruits, olives, chunks of bread or cheese, and sweets; like chocolates, mint cremes or a taste of icecream to finish the feeding session... You can use cocktail picks for the bread cheese and some of the fruit. Your fingers to feed strawberries, grapes or dates. Follow the bites with sips of a favorite beverage ; Sparkling water or juice, wine, mead, coffee, tea, or Schnapps are all good.

When you have went through all, or some, of the senses - depending on your planning - gently remove the blindfold or allow your mate to open their eyes and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Carpe Noctem!

Please forgive any broken links for the following books - Tripod is not recognizing the files I input at this time. Tis Sad!

Chrissy Wildwood is the tops in her field.
This book is an update to her wonderful volume: Erotic Aromatherapy.
I highly suggest all sensual gourmets get this book - You will find so many subtle seductions, that the purchase is more than compensated.
This looks very exciting!
Mary Tiegreen: "...I had the privilege of working on [Tarot Sutra] with Patricia Canova. It's
called Tarot Sutra, and is actually a box containing a book and set of specially designed tarot cards." (Mary Tiegreen co-authored , The Legend of the Villa della Luna - another great read!)
Review: Tarot Sutra combines the eroticism we experience in the Kama Sutra with the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Tarot. The result is a fascinating, easy-to-use guide to sensual fulfillment. The Sensuality Portraits give insight into personal desire, while the intimate suggestions are aphrodisiacs that can fill many evenings. Or afternoons. Includes book and 78-card tarot deck.