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Okay - this is the place to share your thoughts, wisdom and plain relate your truth

I am opening this page as a way for friends and family to share information on what's going on in their lives, and for requests on what you want to see on this site. I also want to invite AC members, and others, to share their thoughts on the recent earth changes we have all discussed. I know that Yama has a room for that, but this page is also available for the exchange of any/all pertinent information or planning as the situation requires. It won't replace Astro-Chat, but it's a little more private.

You made me feel that I was loved
You gave me the laughter, and the tears, when I needed them
When no one else seemed to understand me, you always knew what was inside
and never let me lie to myself
You saw the good when all the others looked for bad... And sometimes, you were the one who kept me sane while they did so.

You gave me the tenderness and simplicity of a time when children could trust their elders
You never doubted my inner voices and allowed me to come to my own truths
But whoa to those who tried to talk me out of them!
The Changeling I was, found a home when the one I was destined for denied me...

A true lady and a wise woman, but the Irish love of justice was deep
You never suffered the fools silently, but knew when it was pure mistake
And in your heart, you always spoke for the tribe - no matter how imperfect

Through many years, you yearned to be with your beloved again
The illness was more than even your will could bear
When he looked at you and his senses knew you not, you still had the belief that inside, He knew your heart.
You never lost the faith that you would be together once more, as it was and should have been
And now you are with your honey again.

Your laughter and hugs, and the times we cried
Your bright spirit and smiling eyes are always in my mind
The memories you leave behind, will warm me 'til the end of my time

And now and then I'll call on you Charleen, and ask for your hand in strength and love....
When I need to just ignore the ones who would force me to be like "them"
To see me through when I need the blessing to believe in true love, (yes - he needs that "butt kickin'" again....)
I know you won't miss anything, since you are closer to the action now, than you even were then.

Through out my life, you have been my true Mother, and more than that - my friend.
In Loving Memory - Charleen Vernarsky 3/17/01
Daddy will be there waiting for you, too.

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