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Sometimes the real knowledge is formed inside of us, not outside....
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March 14, 2001
Yamashin.... Re: Roses & Thorns.... CraftWork Circle 14-Mar-01
WOW...Briar that is so interesting ..How cool that you had these things passed on to you in this life..That is such a rare thing in this time to have actually gotten the REAL DEAL with the craft...You know honey I was reading your stuff and thinking to myself the way that you were raised to believe so powerfully in the Universal flow is so very opposite of my rearing and yet, somehow we ended up on the same side of the fence...I have nothing to point to when it comes to my "knowledge" of things, other than it was there within from a past life perhaps...?

The connections that we make here in ac with others on a daily basis is also a "within" thing from past lives I do believe...:)..When one of you posts these words it's as though I can go back to a time when we all practiced this together in some form...

I wanted to tell you this too...I got a wake up call in the middle of the night and there was a message about the so called FIGHTING here in ac and it was brought strongly to my attention that if we read our Astrological texts we find that being of different signs and values, the very study and knowledge of Astrology points clearly to quirks, beliefs, etc in all of us and to think we won't have fire signs standing firm on a principle, or water signs fluffing the fold with love and hugs, or earth signs trying to debate in real time the scientific side of the controversy, or air signs trying to choose an actual side to believe, is totally against the nature of the forums..So, simply put, WE all will disagree, debate, defend, love and cherish and do all these basic human nature points of entry on any debate...It's all in the mix and all a very logical and practical way for us to be..For that is ASTROLOGY IN ACTION..:)HAHA

WHEW.>Sorry to get into that at this time but I, like you honey, have that built in bs detector working overtime lately...As for all your points on craft and your beliefs..I for one, truly embrace your knowledge and feel that you have the goal to reach of putting all of this together in book form for the world to see..YOU BRIAR could be the ONE that turns the world around on the CRAFT..Done well, you could educate people on this point of view..:)))

Hugs and a bright SUNNY and beautiful day to all:))))


April 11, 2001....

I am deeply and incurably in love with someone.... No - it's nothing like that!*LOL It's that I have met the other half of my spirit! I am truly amazed at the energy that I found in Yama. It's like we were seperated at birth or something.

I have never felt this spiritually attracted to anyone before, like they are not only my fellow traveler, but that they are actually WITHIN me, share my same path, and understand what I see and feel and think and have experienced.

There has only been one, Michael, that has touched my inner spirit in that way - and that's different, lovers are different. To have a "non-lover" be able to relate to your deepest core like that? That is a once in a lifetime... I know that some people think we're lesbians or whatever... Just shows how closed minded and sad they are. Or maybe I should say, how tragically alone they are? Oh well - whatever the cause for the giggles, we know where we are and that this is beautiful... and that's all that matters.*S*

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