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JAR at JB's Grave

Daily Updates and Media Coverage in the JonBenet Ramsey Case
GoToMrsB. Mrs. Brady's URLs
JonBenet Ramsey case news links, updated daily.
GoToDenverPost Denver Post Ramsey Coverage
Complete archives of articles on the Ramsey investigation.
GotoDailyCamera Daily Camera Coverage of the JonBenet case, extensive archives of all aspects of the murder investigation.
GoToRockyNews The Rocky Mountain News
archives and daily reports on the JonBenet murder case.
coverage of the Ramsey case. Updates and archives of the Boulder Murder.
GoToInsideDenver Inside DenverDaily coverage and archives from a news magazine that specializes in the Denver,CO area.
Forums and Chat: Talk about the JonBenet case
goToCyberSleuths CyberSleuths online community discussion of the Boulder murder
goToJW Justice Watch web community - message board and archives.
goToMaketoast JBR live chat. (Best with Internet Explorer.)
GotoGossip The Gossip Files!The latest on what everyone has to say...see if you're listed!
GoToJameson Jameson's Home Page
Links to daily news page, the Timeline and the JonBenét forum
GoToWebsleuths LePassageNoveu Chat and Forum
GoToXpage Ex-Page: Message board, chat and other reference links.
GoToModemButtrfly Modem Butterfly's Forum
Discussion of the Ramsey case and other true crimes, such as the Moxley and Routier case, as well as news and current events

Welcome-You Have the Right to remain silent.

Case Files: The Heart of the Matter - Documents & Floorplans
The Smoking Gun: Ramsey Case File Autopsy report, ransom note, search warrants, and more.
GoToEvidence WebbSleuths compiled information on the JonBenet Ramsey Murder includes Theories, Evidence, and Photos
GoToAutopsyDiagram The Sundance Kid's Crimes of the Century: Timeline, autopsy drawings, house floor plans, arrest warrants, handwriting samples, and various interview transcripts
GoToFloorplans RamseyFiles: Floorplans, A month by month chronical of the case.
GoToWho'sWho A Ramsey Case Primer:A who's who of Ramsey family, friends, and acquaintances; the Ramsey team; the prosecution; Review of the evidence & the house plan; more
GoTo3DFloorplans 3-D View of the Ramsey House. Shows all rooms of the Ramsey's house in three dimensions, including stairways and basement
GoToCrimeLibrary The Crime Library
Crime Library's exhaustive coverage of the JonBenet Murder case.
GoToVirtualTour The Boulder Hell Hole: A Virtual Tour
Annotated Floorplans and photographs of the Ramsey house
GoToSkullFracture Sundance Kid: Skull Fracture
A diagram of JonBenet's skull fracture, as described in the autopsy report
GoToBloodPattern Sundance Kid: Subdural Hematoma
A diagram of the subdural hematoma described in the autopsy report
GoToCaseFile The Killing Field: Diagrams of the Ramsey house, with an excellent analysis of key aspects related to the murder.
GoToTimeline Jameson's Timeline
Detailed timeline documenting events in the Ramsey investigation - includes news, documents, annotated by the author.
Forensics - Handwriting Analysis, Science of Pathology, Stress Analysis
GoToHandwritingSamples Celebrity Handwriting Samples
The personality traits of John and Patsy Ramsey as revealed in their handwriting.
GoToForensicsExplained Forensic Science Web Pages
"These web pages were created to provide the layperson with an easy understanding of what forensic science entails.
GoToRansomNote The Ransom Note
Detailed analysis of the ransom note
GoToHandwritingAnalysis Sheila Lowe Handwriting Analysis
More analysis of the ransom note and Patsy Ramsey's handwriting
GoToCoronerFacts The Facts of Death
"Jane American Decedent" is the average dead American. This tour of her death says a lot about modern life. From American Demographics, April 1997
GoToBackwardsMasking Australian "researcher",John Oates, says he's discovered that the human subconscious reveals its most secret thoughts through backward masking... The RealAudio clips on this site make for intriguing listening.
GoToTruthDetector LSI, Inc. - Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) is used to determine whether a subject is truthful or deceptive, what information a subject is concealing, or whether or not a subject was involved in a crime. A detailed analysis of the Ramsey news May 1, 1997.
GoToLieDetector Analysis of the Ramsey CNN Interview, January 1997
Additional SCAN analysis, by LSI
GoToEnergyFields "Energy Fields" analysis of the Ransom Note.
GoToSerephProfile Psychological Profile of Patsy Ramsey, by Seraph, Inc
Boulder Police Department asked Seraph to submit an analysis of the ransom note and to write a psychological profile on Patsy Ramsey. Here are those reports
GoToJR'sHandwriting? A professional comparison between the script appearing on the ransom note and John Ramsey's handwriting. Several matches and so many images to reflect on.