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Shesherre's Magick Circle

This page is dedicated to:
The healers, warriors, dreamers and seekers that strive to reach their full potential;
Walking in balance, living in beauty, and respecting all living things.

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Everything is possible... If you'll only believe!
A big "Thank you" to all my friends and extended family for putting up with slow updates and slower responses.... Even the best of us have times when no matter what we do, the laws of Murphy work against us.

I have been dealing with inept service of my PC and am not able to do much fruitful work on this page right now. So, I figured I will leave a lot the same (just for now), and work on updating the look and adding some planned features until I can get back on schedule.

And anyone have a leopard spotted button set that isn't on a SHADED brown background, let me know!*LOL My totem is the Leopard, and I can't find buttons with transparent backgrounds, so this will have to do for now....

Next issue: continuing The Magickal "Pantry" - Herbs and oils

Grimoire Worthy:
This is my favorite Protection spell, and I want to share it here and now.... Invoke this whenever you feel you need psychic or physical protection from unwanted energies.

Protection Spell
By the light and the heart of Mother Earth,

I forbid all evil spirits my bedstead and couch;
I forbid you my house and home;
I forbid you my flesh, blood, body and soul.

I irrevocably forbid you entrance to my mind and my thoughts;
My fears and my strengths;
My spirit and heart.
Until you have traveled every single hill and vale;
Forged every river and stream;
Counted all the grains of sand on all the shores and deserts;
And every star in the sky.

I forbid you.

Bunny email animated.gif
Dennis - What we do is never as important as why we do it... I think it is going to bring a needed change from what has been going on.
By beloved Yama - You are the Twin Sister that I always wanted and never had. I am so glad you came into my life.
Sman - I hope that your deepest wishes and fondest dreams manifest for you. You are the catalyst, and what you expect is what you will receive, always remember that.
Well, Angela - I am hoping you are correct.... It would be a wonderful way to begin my fresh start: Loved and whole again*S*

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more falling petals-linktodetailsAstro-Chat has the nicest people you can meet on the web. Home of Yamashin, mindi, haggar, and the irrepressible heutzie. Love you Ba-Bays!!! Oh, yeah - did I mention I have a thread there? Roses and Thorns is all about sharing spells that work. But don't miss the other threads, that house the most passionate and enlightened people in cyberspace.

The Teachings of Don Juan One of the Original personal growth books. Still worthy reading for those who follow the Earth Wisdom path.
Beauty-full and RomanticRomance, magick and unquenched longing.
Celebrate your inner Goddess.
(Pssst! $5!)
Women's Bodies.... AmazonA very important book for all women to read. Dr. Christiane Northrop covers everything from Menopause to endometriosis with compassion, holistic insight and natural remedies.

All mentioned books are available at as of 3/20/01 If you are a first time visitor, email me first - and I will ask Amazon to forward you a $5 gift certificate toward your first purchase! I have provided a quick link for purchasing items from below.

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