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I am pleased to be able to offer these quality Spell Supplies, crafted for Witches by Witches!
All the herbs, kits and other materials offered here, are grown by holistic practices: No chemicals or pesticides ever touch these plants. They are gathered in reverence, and cut with the Athame. They are dried by traditional means, no microwaves or silica gel are employed. Each shipment is energy cleared and packed to order, especially for you. You are presented a generous amount of all dried herbs, at packaging. In keeping with Pagan practice, as the seasons change different herbs will be available.
All orders placed between 4/8/01 and 4/14/01 will be delayed for Two weeks, due to Holidays.
Item Form Use Price
Love Tea Kit Spell Kit A wonderful ritual to bring love into your life, or reclaim love. Includes everything you need - except the cup, and photo! 10.00
Lemon Grass Dry Cut Mixed with Olive oil to create Van Van Oil, for uncrossing conditions 6.00
Protection Kit Spell Kit Simple ritual to bind all negative energies away from you and protect you from a specific person or group. As all kits, everything you need is included - except the photos/bio 10.00
Applewood, 8-12" Whole Dedicated to the Goddess: Love Magick, Spiritual Blessing and Protection
Uses; starting Ritual Bonfires, Hand carve for wands, Ritual "sweathouse" fuel.
Applewood, 3-5" Whole Uses; Binding spells, use in your brazier for Sacred Smoke, love charms. 8.00
Holy Herbs Bath Dried Whole Blended mix for Ritual Bathing: Meditation, procuring success in all matters. Use before meeting your lover, to enhance passion 6.00

All dried herbs come with a set of detailed instructions for their use in spells, charms or as herbal remedies, along with bonus recipes and spells.

Ask for Astro-Chat Member discount with SASE and order form - Does not apply to Applewood or Kit purchases.

Order Form

All prices include shipping and handling. Packages are sent USPS Priority 2-3 day mail within 4 days of receipt of order. Some breakage of dried materials may occur in shipping. No cash refunds: exchange or credit only. These materials are not guaranteed to produce desired results by their use in spells - That is up to your power, and conviction. However, I will only send out spells that have worked for myself or those I know. Email support is available for all spell work. Feel free to send any relevant information that will personalize your kits/spells.