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Prayer Feathers
Here's a very simple and sweet work for any reason.
I used to do this with friends on the Windowrock (4 corners)
res, and at the Zuni Pueblo in NM, when we visited.

You can send your messages via God, Great Spirit, or whatever your
truth is. If you are doing a Native Spirit - then use Corn Maiden for
home and physical comfort. Eagle or Thunderbird for Spiritual Blessings,
and the ThunderTwins, or Warrior Twins for protection and Good luck in all.
(I'm not going into the Navajo or Zuni names, since spelling them isn't
that easy.*L)

You will need:
an abundance of light feathers, (plumes are very pretty and easy to get.)
A ball or two of light yarn, in the colors of your choice. (baby yarn or crochet thread works well.)
A small amount of glue or tape, to attach the yarn to the feather.
You can also use light beads, or tiny bells, if you wish. (I like bells for
good luck or protection, since the bells "scare away" bad spirits, as do fringe.)

Color choices: This isn't hard and fast, even Bev (Navajo) said that she uses what she feels is right,
regardless of the situation....
But, the Navajo (traditionally) use, Red for life/health/family.
Blue for Spiritual blessings/wishes/dreams, and Yellow or White for protection and general luck.
While the Zuni (traditionally) use Brown or Green for life/family/health, Blue or Purple for Spiritual Blessing/wishes/
dreams, and Black and Yellow for Protection/general good luck. (interesting, both seem to use pink for love.)
You can also mix colors, if you have multiple needs. Just run two or more strings of yarn together. NO MORE than 4 at once.(4 and 7 are the perfect numbers in many Native beliefs.)

Take a feather, and cut a 2-3 yard piece of yarn. Place the yarn end in a U along the quill of the feather, up
toward the plume. (the cut end at the top, then folded back to the top)place a drop of glue or piece of tape at the end nearest the plume.
Start wrapping the yarn over the end of the length, to the bottom end of the quill.
(You should start repeating your prayer in your head as you start to wrap.)
When you reach the end of the quill, take the other end, (so it's now halved), and place it
along the quill as you did before. Now wrap again with the rest of the length, down to the end of the quill once.
If you are using beads or bells, place them onto the yarn and push them down onto the wrapped quill, or just behind.
Tie off the two long ends of yarn, near the end of the quill with an overhand knot.
Take your prayer feathers to a bush, tree or any post/pole in the very early morning, before dawn. Or late at night,
before bed. tie them in a "larkshead", (put the feather through the loop the end makes), or in a half knot - to the branches or the post/pole.
(These are meant to be done in multiples, and as many as you feel like making are cool. Or do them with friends, and have a feather flotilla!)

When the Spirit Elders see your gifts when the dawn comes, they will smile on you, and answer your prayers.
(There is no reason to remove them, in fact when they are left to their own, it is believed that they also spread joy and good wishes to all
who see them.)

Daress's Cup Work Ritual

Hey there, I tried this spell the other day- it seemed to work for my friend and I so you can have a look over it and see what you think...

Sit with the soles of your feet together in the center of a circle and meditate facing your friend for a few moments. Then close your eyes and listen to everything you can hear- and to everything that you hear inside.What you need or desire especially.

Open your eyes and light five white candles that form the points of a star. Focus on the light for a few moments. Then lift a large glass of refreshing cold water above the flame for a few moments and dream of the flame stirring the water inside. The flame can purify your thoughts and stir the energy you have put into the water. Each dip your finger into it then take it out. Sit with your friend again and think for a few moments of what you would like to happen again... peace or balance in a relationship say...emotional fulfillment maybe...or well...whatever. Then sit with your bare feet touching hers (or his) and hold the cup between you. Both take a small sip of the water then sprinkle a few rose petals into the cup. You may add a floating candle or sugar to it if you wish. Blow out the candles. By sharing the liquid you can help fulfill each other's needs and help to make your dreams real (taking into account the rule of 3).

To emphasize something you want to happen, ie. love you can decorate the glass with heart symbols, pure solid circle, rose quartz, lavender or whatever you think will help it. Share the remaining bit of water between you under a moon. If you dont drink it sprinkle it on the grass or into a running stream. Then entwine your hands and recite a small prayer. It is done.

Yama's Protection Spell
Spell that I have for you guys that Mindi mentioned is very simple to do and it works wonders immediately....Sometimes, depending on the situation, you have to repeat it for seven days..I suggest from the NEW MOON for the next seven days afterwards...However, sometimes once on the new and once again to finish and close it out on the Full Moon is pretty miraculous.

Here it is:

You need one white and one black votive candles...

A protection oil of some kind..I prefer anointing these candles with Patchouli oil...Very protective! Sandalwood is also good to use...

Two clean white pieces of paper, and a BLACK ink pen...

Two votive holders and a place where you can allow these candles to burn to entirety without snuffing them, if possible.

On the paper....WRITE:)..BLACK CANDLE:) list a persons name if you choose to that is bothering you..Say the trouble and then at the bottom you ask that it not harm them, but simply to stop the harassment...sign your name in cursive..FOLD and place underneath the black candle inside the holder...Anoint the candle from the center upwards and then from the center downwards/with oil...while you anoint your candle, please try to think KIND things and not anything harmful about the person or persons...

WHITE CANDLE:)...the following can be substituted for your own words but this works really well...."I hereby ask the powers that be, my guides and the Universe, to restore the balance and peace in my life...I ask that no harm fall on anyone and that my enemies as well as my friends find peace and light around them. I expel the darkness and bring in the light! I ask for guidance and protection from the mighty powers that be to manifest in my life...An it harm none...So Mote it be!

Sign your name, fold and place underneath the white candle...NOW..LIGHT THEM AT THE SAME TIME WITH TWO DIFFERENT MATCHES OR LIGHTERS....

ALLOW them to burn out on their own..DO NOT BLOW THEM OUT..and if you can avoid it..Don't snuff them either..IF you do...Repeat the process of relighting them as suggested...At the same time...

This is simple and it is very effective...But, to be honest with you some things may be brought to a head before the changes..Depends on your personal karma...If you are asking to be relieved of a very negative force in your life, please be as KIND as possible to avoid gray or black magic that is accidental..ALSO, you may list many of your friends for the WHITE CANDLE and ask for special blessings for them all!

Mindi's Cleansing Ritual
Astral parasites and ticks attach themselves to the astral body and feed off its energy. Now that the physical body is vibrating
ever closer to astral frequencies, the body many times treats these astral attachments as actual physical infestations. They can
manifest as: extreme fatigue/tiredness, feeling "drained", upsets in the respiratory, digestive, urinary and endocrine systems.
When in doubt, do an Astral Parasite Removal.

Call for assistance: "Michael, please bring down the tunnel of Light. Fifth-Dimensional Medical Corps, please assist. Grace and
Purity Elohim, please assist. Circle Security, please seal the space and hold my fields in integrity."

"Medical Corps, please remove all astral parasites and ticks from my body and fields. Archangel Michael, please assist their
movement into the Light."

You may feel pulling sensations in your fields as the parasites are removed. When this feels complete, say, "Grace Elohim,
please move through my body and fields and release any residual energy left by the parasites." You should feel the energy of
the Silver Ray moving through your fields. Then, "Purity Elohim, please seal my body and fields. Thank you for your assistance.
Michael, please roll up the tunnel of Light."